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, but this is a grave moment for the country. we need to do something very big, very substantial to bring our long-term deficits down over time. we have to do that in a way that's good for the economy for more support because the economy is healing from the recession. it's going to require both sides to compromise. president's bringing leaders together again at the white house this evening to try to figure out how to move forward. >> what's he actually saying? because you're hearing boehner saying they're demanding tax increases, we're not going to do that. they've also said you were back pedaling a bit on whether to cut entitlement programs like medicare or social security. what's the fact? >> that latter thing is not true. the president is standing tough. he is willing to do very, very difficult things. >> like what? on medicare? >> like getting substantial savings from the budget, across the budget. defense, the rest of government, even medicare/medicaid over the long term, there are things we can do responsibly to save money in those programs and we have to do that to bring the deficits under
>>> big news in washington this morning. one debt ceiling deal appears dead. will a critical meeting later today help save the american economy? new details about how the cia tracked down osama bin laden. the story of one analyst's dogged determination to get the leader. >>> rolling out the red carpet. the british royal company meets and greets some hollywood's biggest royalty. the scoop and buzz from their trip. >>> the 10 million mile man. you're going to meet the guy who just set a new record for the most flights on an airline ever. pretty cool stuff. good morning. i'm thomas roberts in for alex witt today. thanks for joining us. we get right to it. two big issues are making headlines this morning in washington. jobs and the debt ceiling talks. treasury secretary tim geithner appeared on "meet the press" with host david gregory. >> it's going to take a long time still. h is a very tough economy. i think for a lot of people it's going to feel very hard, harder than anything they've experienced in their lifetime now for some time to come. that is because that is the tragic e
>>> big news in washington this morning. one debt ceiling deal seems dead. will a critical meeting later today help save the country's economy. >>> the space shuttle docks for the last time with the space station. we'll get a unique perspective from a former astronaut. >>> rolling out the red carpet. take a look at this. the british royal couple meet and greet some of hollywood's biggest stars. we'll get all the buzz from their trip. >>> busting medical myths. a new book that separates fact from fiction on some big health questions. for example, does vitamin c really help stop holds? i'd like to think so. >>> good morning, i'm thomas roberts. alex witt has the day off. welcome to msnbc sunday. big news to talk about from washington this morning on those debt ceiling talks. it appears at least one deal is dead. the so-called grand bargain between the white house and the gop will not be happening. the grand deal called for $4 trillion in spending cuts and closing some tax loopholes. now republican house speaker john boehner says he wants no tax hikes included in the deal. but could a
of the economy. does that mean we're going to have to push the big changes to deal with the debt and the debt are going to have to go down the road a bit and to the long-term maybe more than ten years? >> well, chris, i don't know about more than ten years. certainly as you know in simpson/bowles, senator simpson and former chief of staff erskine bowles, in their report they posited that we needed to and they proposed making substantial cuts, raising revenues and dealing across the board with all items of expenditure. they said in the near term, meaning the next year or so we need to be very careful that we did not have the opposite effect by dampening down the struggling economy obviously as we saw today which will decrease revenues and make the problem so in the short term i agree with the bowles/simpson suggestion that we be very careful in the short-term. there is no doubt, however, that in the white house yesterday or thursday there was -- that was yesterday, there was a clear agreement that this was a serious, serious challenge that confronted us. and it demanded that all of us try to c
's just a big concern about the regulatory climate so people are caucus about the way they make their business and growing and spending money and making it difficult for people to get through the economic downturn. >> does it feel different than a couple of years ago? >> it is. our members are saying it's worse, that the political climate is so much worse these days that people are putting politics over policy and making good decisions so there's a big concern about that instability and how it affects the economy longer term and how it trickles down to a small business owner who is just trying to sort his family and grow his business. >> you wrote an interesting article in "the new york post." if things go well, that's one scenario, if things don't go well, what should we think about. >> sort of in spite of what's happening in the economy, some of the things i recommend running a simmer promotion. i'll give you 25% off a certain amount of business if in exchange you pay in full by 31st. so i think compromise is fine when you're making deals with clients. i don't recommend conces
, 6:00 out west. here is what's happening foreyou this morning. big news on the debt ceiling on the eve of today's meeting at that time white house. republicans pulled out of the grand bargain. the grand deal called for $4 trillion in spending cuts. republican house speaker john boehner says he wants no tax hikes included in the deal. could a plan for $2 trillion in cuts still work. nbc news white house correspondent mike viqueira has more on why this collapsed. >> good morning, thomas. >> john boehner is voting for a smaller measure. what's included in the $2 trillion plan that's getting these talks still invigorated? >> let's first sift through the wreckage of what happened late last night. it is extraordinaire, thomas. president obama and house speaker john boehner had agreed they wanted to go big. bigness is a target they said here at the white house. $4.5 trillion, it would have been on a historic scale. we're talking about a dramatic over all of the tax code, reducing tax rates. eliminating entire tax brackets, simplifying the tax code, closing loopholes, tax breaks, su
it something big? ...or something small? ...something old? ...or something new? ...or maybe, just maybe... it's something you haven't seen yet. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. stunning visuals, intelligent performance. this is visibly smart. >>> susan sutton was dead, shot five times by a killer who invaded her home after her birthday party. her husband, john, an attorney, had been shot in the head twice and was in critical condition at a miami hospital, undergoing multiple surgeries to save his life. but soon after the shooting, detectives had a potential suspect. john sutton's good friend and law partner. >> he had a partner who was on the scene when homicide detectives got there. >> teddy montoto told police he had been on the phone with susan, heard the unmistakable sound of gunfire, rushed over to the sutton house with a gun of his own to try to help, but was that the whole story? they gave montoto a polygraph. it showed he had been deceptive, hiding something. >> what we learned was that he was having an affair with mrs. sutton. >> so montoto hadn't been straight with them
that he, a man of humble roots, was able to provide his family with so much. the big house. the backyard pool. money for whatever they needed. >> once upon a time. >> reporter: the kind of son-in-law rosie's parents rocco and gigi dipuccio could regard as heaven sent. >> she sent him for two jars of baby food. he'd come home with 36. i mean everything he did had to be big and lots. >> reporter: was it in a show-off kind of way or was he just being generous? >> no. he was just -- you know, i used to say to him, i think yaz is so good to you in everything you do because you're so giving to people. >>> now, rose city, her family would say, could not have cared less about the house, the cars, the status. she was down to earth and content with what she always had, not the least of it, her close italian-american family, where sunday dinner at her parents was a don't miss. >> silly. where's your teeth, silly? >> and, of course, the sun and moon of her life, daughter and son. was she happy to be a mother? >> oh, my god. are you kidding? she would just pinch their cheek and say, i can't believe i
, apparently permanently. >> it still is unbelievable. i mean, it's like a big, bad dream. >> a nightmare from which there was no awakening. but john, if you hadn't noticed by now, is a determined man. he had been a champion swimmer in college. now he swam again. he had been a skier. now he learned to ski blind. he fell in love again. her name is kathy henry. >> how did you meet her? >> blind date. >> am i supposed to laugh at that line? >> yeah. it's true. >> what has it meant to you to have her with you? >> it's meant a great deal. it's just tremendous. i wish i could see her. >> and he went back to the thing he always has done best. he went back to court to practice law. >> we did not sue for breach of that contract -- >> where his blindness became not exactly the handicap some opponents seemed to expect. >> i like to put myself down. so i say, you know, poor old blind guy, you know? i'm just trying to do the best i can. and then i would go in and memorize all the citations and let them decide if i know what i'm doing. >> lately, he's been busier than ever. recently won a $9 million judgmen
. caylee accidentally drown and casey and her father george covered it up. >> the defense made a big promise in opening statement, saying that it's going to have to deliver on. and now they're going to have to prove an accident. if they can't, the jury is going to punish them for having made that promise. >> on june 16th, the third anniversary of the day that caylee anthony was last seen alive, the defense begins its case. >> in 2008 -- >> its first order of business, attacking the holes in the state forensic's evidence, namely what wasn't found. no blood or dna in the trunk of casey's car. >> there was no profile generated from those items. >> no chloroform found in the anthony home. >> did you find any containers that at one time or another contained chloroform? >> no, not at all. >> and the only dna found on the duct tape that the prosecution claims covered caylee's nose and mouth comes from an fbi analyst who handled it. >> did you later find out that the profile was yours. >> i did and it was. >> i think they've come to expect that it's going to be there. and they would say, see
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)